Allegro 5.0.9 (Windows: allegro-5.0.9-msvc-11.0)



1. Create a folder named "allegro" under C:\
2. Unzip allegro-5.0.9-msvc-11.0 (to be found under "Libraries") and move it to C:\allegro


- Assuming allegro has been installed at C:\allegro\allegro-5.0.9-msvc-11.0

1. Create a new project
	Visual C++ - Empty project
2. Right click your project name under Solution Explorer on the right
3. Select Properties
4. Under Configuration Properties->C/C++->General
	- Additional Include Directories: Append C:\allegro\allegro-5.0.9-msvc-11.0\include
4. Under Configuration Properties->Linker->General
	- Additional Library Directories: Append C:\allegro\allegro-5.0.9-msvc-11.0\lib 
5. Under Configuration Properties->Linker->Input
	- Additional Dependencies:
		- Debug: Append allegro-5.0.9-monolith-md-debug.lib
		- Release: Append allegro-5.0.9-monolith-mt.lib
6. Under Configuration Properties->Debugging
	- Environment: Append PATH=C:\allegro\allegro-5.0.9-msvc-11.0\bin;%PATH%
7. Click Apply

Mac OS X


- In Xcode, go to preferences, tab "Downloads" -> " Components" -> Command Line Tools

- ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)"

- hit "svn --version", and "git --version" in your terminal.
	If they are not installed, you could install them via homebrew (brew install git && brew install svn)

- brew install cmake
- brew install zlib
- brew install freetype
- brew install jpeg
- brew install libogg
- brew install physfs
- brew install libpng
- brew install flac
- brew install ffmpeg
	Note, you might get a warning about zlib. If thats the case, you can ignore it.

- cd ~/projects
- git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/alleg/allegro
- cd allegro
- mkdir build
- cd build
- cmake -G Xcode -DWANT_FRAMEWORKS=1 - ..
- xcodebuild
- sudo xcodebuild install
- cd lib/RelWithDebInfo
- sudo cp -r *.* /Library/Frameworks/


- Start XCode, create a new empty project (Other->Empty)

- Add a Cocoa Application target to the project, let’s call it MyGame. (Click your project, then the + button at the bottom saying Add target, then Mac OSX->Application->Cocoa.)

- Select the MyGame target, go to the Build Phases tab and add a new Copy Files Build Phase (+ button down right).
    Select Frameworks from the dropdown
    Leave Subpath blank
    We leave this build phase empty for now, we will need it later.

- Select the Build Settings tab then:
    Note: You can change display from Basic to All at the top and use the search box to locate the following settings
    Change Header Search Paths to (just copy & paste): 
/Library/Frameworks/Allegro-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroMain-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroAcodec-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroAudio-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroColor-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Header /Library/Frameworks/AllegroDialog-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroFont-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroImage-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroPhysfs-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroMemfile-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroPrimitives-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers /Library/Frameworks/AllegroTTF-5.1.framework/Versions/Current/Headers

- In the targets Build Settings specify the Framework Search Paths as /Library/Frameworks

- Delete Prefix Header (Edit->Delete) 

- Add all the Allegro frameworks as follows (this can be done in many ways, a group just keeps things tidy):
    Select the Summary tab
    Click the + button under Linked Frameworks and Libraries and add all the Allegro frameworks
        In case they are not listed use the Add Other button and navigate to /Library/Frameworks to find them

- Go to the Build Phases tab, then in the list to the left select all the Allegro frameworks and drag them to the Copy Files entry which we added before
Select all the frameworks again and this time drag them to the Frameworks group to the left (just to have things more tidy)

- Don’t forget to remove the created source files under MyGame and add your own source code instead (note the main.m in Supporting Files for example). Delete:

- Add sources