1. CarloWood
  2. M4RI



 * Tim Abbott: Debian-isation & advice on correct libtool versioning,

 * Martin Albrecht <M.R.Albrecht@rhul.ac.uk>: release manager,
   peformance tuning (M4RM, M4RI, MMPF, PLUQ, Strassen), MMPF
   algorithm and implementation, initial M4RM implementation,
   Strassen-Winograd implementation, parallelisation, PLUQ

 * Gregory Bard <bard@fordham.edu>: initial author, M4RI algorithm and
   initial implementation.

 * Marco Bodrato: new Strassen-like sequence for matrix multiplication
   and squaring which improves performance for squaring

 * Michael Brickenstein: PolyBoRi author, standard conformity
   contributions for ANSIC, test data, discussion/suggestion of
   performance improvements, fast vector-matrix products.

 * Alexander Dreyer: PolyBoRi author, standard conformity
   contributions for ANSIC.

 * Jean-Guillaume Dumas: linear system resolution.

 * William Hart: many performance improvements for matrix
   multiplication and in general.

 * David Harvey: parallel parity function used in classical

 * Clément Pernet: PLUQ factorisation, triangular system solving (TRSM).