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Battray is a fairly simply tray icon to show your laptop’s battery status. It's simple, easy, fairly environment-independent, and ‘just works’ without tons of (Gnome|KDE|..) dependencies. Here’s a screenshot.

You can also configure it to play annoying sounds if your battery is getting low, dim the screen when you switch from AC to battery, etc.


Battray requires py-gtk2, on Linux it also required acpitool. At the moment it runs on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux. Adding a new platform is usually very easy

To install Battray, run ./ install, at the moment you can’t run it directly from the source directory.

Files & directories installed:

  • $PREFIX/bin/battray
  • $PREFIX/man/man1/battray.1
  • $PREFIX/lib/python/site-packages/battray/
  • $PREFIX/share/battray/

Linux & sound

I find it truly flabbergasting that in 15+ years of mucking about, Linux still can't manage to produce a sound system which just fucking works.
Battray uses OSS to make sound, which may or may work out of the box. Ubuntu seems to require special tricks.

FreeBSD package

Available in the ports collection as sysutils/battray


The default settings should be good for most people, but Battray is pretty flexible and can do more.
The default configuration is at $PREFIX/share/battray/, copy it to ~/ and edit it, there are a few comments to get you started.
For the full documentation, look at the manpage.


Version 1.6, not yet released

  • Support both Python 2 & 3
  • Bugfix: Don't panic if there's no battery present (again...)

Version 1.5, 20120711

  • Bugfix: Fix FreeBSD CURRENT/10
  • Bugfix: Don't panic if there's no battery present (FreeBSD)
  • Bugfix: Properly deal with unknown percentage/lifetime values
  • Feature: Add playonce() and reset_playonce() functions
  • Update default config
  • Update docs

Version 1.4, 20110926

  • Play sounds in a better way (Separate thread, not separate process)
  • Update a few docs

Version 1.3, 20110724

  • Configuration files from previous versions are not compatible
  • Add Linux support (Submitted by Andy Mikhaylenko).
  • Better configuration file/platform file importing.
  • We now play a wav file with OSS instead of (trying to) use the PC speaker. Most laptops emulate a PC speaker, but the exact implementation varies from vendor to vendor and is the usual mess we've come to expect of these simple things :-(
  • Add installer.
  • Fix FreeBSD/amd64

Version 1.2, 20091022

  • New configuration file syntax, which is much more flexible.
  • Add simple Makefile for easier installation & deinstallation.
  • Add manpage.
  • Various minor improvements

Version 1.1, 20090906

  • Battery icon is now green/yellow/red depending on battery life remaining.
  • Battray will now warn you if battery level is below a certain percentage (See warn and warnMethod options in
  • Reload configuration on SIGHUP.
  • Added instructions on how to add platform.
  • Add new icon to indicate error (Instead of no icon loaded at all).
  • Fix FreeBSD platform, thanks to Eponasoft @ FreeBSD forums for reporting & testing.
  • Some improvements on the OpenBSD platform.

Version 1.0, 20090816

  • Initial release.
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