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My dotfiles. Mostly vim, tcsh, and mutt.

manage-dotfiles.py is a tool to manage your dotfiles.

Why another tool?

  • It's so obvious how to use this that your grandmother could do it.
  • Not tied with git, or any other VCS (does have optional features which require either hg or git).
  • Just a few lines of code. Not a crapload some other tools.
  • Easy installation and upgrade; also makes it easy to merge your files.
  • Not based on symlinks. Be free to modify your files and not merge changes back.

So, how do you use it:

  • In the directory modules you keep modules.
  • Every module has a module.py code, here you can assign files, dirs, and symlinks to manage as a dict where the key is the destination directory, and the value is the directory from which to source them (relative to the module dir).
  • Run ./manage-dotfiles.py to install & merge everything, or ./manage-dotfiles.py module1 module2 to install only module1 & module2. You can also use the -i to switch to ask confirmation for everything, and the -f switch to override all local files regardless of any changes.

Optional: - Add $dotid$ or in a comment to better keep track which files are modified. You need to keep your files in a hg or git repo.

Alternatives: dotfiles.github.io lists some.