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Frederick is a web-based feed reader (RSS, Atom). It’s simple, and should “just work”.

Installation & running


  • Some server (Only UNIX/Linux was tested, Windows may or may not work)
  • Python 3 (Python 2 will not work)
  • Jinja2
  • py-sqlite3 (Included in Python, sometimes a separate package)
  • CherryPy


To start the server, run, this will start a HTTP server port 8000. You can optionally add a server & port to listen on as address:port

Note that there’s no authentication, you almost certainly don’t want to run this on a publicly accessible server.

Frederick should work on any size device, but will probably have problems in older browsers (such as IE8 and earlier).

Updating feeds

Feeds automatically are updated on pageview if the last update was more than 30 minutes ago.

You can also run to update Frederick, you probably want to run this from cron to prevent ‘gaps’ in your item list.


Version 2.0, "soon"

  • This improves ... everything, a lot. It's now in a state where I can actually recommend it, instead of something I quickly hacked together for personal use.

Version 1.1, 20130725

  • Many minor changes

Version 1.0, 20130721

  • Initial release


Copyright © 2013-2014 Martin Tournoij
MIT license applies

Frederick includes (in whole, or code based on):

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