Generated map's texture is not pixel perfect

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Issue #41 resolved
Ádám Pajor created an issue

I am using Unity 4.6.3, X-UniTMX 1.7 and Tiled Map Editor 0.11.0. My tileset's size is 256 by 256, the tiles are 16 pixel wide and high. The whole texture is half pixel off on all tiles on the generated mesh.

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  1. Marc Montagut

    Same problem here. My tiles in Tiled are 64x64 but when I import it in Unity they are quite extra hide/wide. Something like 100x100 (aprox)

  2. Guilherme Augusto Almeida Filo Maia repo owner

    Marc, I've made the plugin use the Tile Width as the Pixels Per Unit setting in Unity, so a 16x16 tile will be 1x1 unit in Unity, as well as a 256x256 tile. To use 1 pixel = 1 unit is possible only if you don't use Unity's physics engines, since both are tuned for 1 unit = 1 meter.

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