WWW loading of tilesets doesn't work in trunkdev

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Issue #42 resolved
Nitneroc created an issue

There are two typos in trunkdev : in TileSet.cs lign 321 : texturePath[i] = string.Concat(texturePath, Path.GetExtension(TileSetImages[i].Image)); should be texturePath[i] = string.Concat(texturePath[i], Path.GetExtension(TileSetImages[i].Image));

lign 324 : texturePath[i] = string.Concat("file://", texturePath); should be texturePath[i] = string.Concat("file://", texturePath[i]);

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  1. Guilherme Augusto Almeida Filo Maia repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I'll fix this as soon as I'm able to work on the code again

  2. Guilherme Augusto Almeida Filo Maia repo owner

    This should already be fixed in trunkDev, could you please check for me?

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