prefarbs appearing very small than expected size!

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Issue #8 closed
Gautam Singh created an issue

I added the prefarb same way scorpios are added in example ! But the prefarbs are looking very small , I had to use three times the tile size to look it normal.

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  1. Guilherme Augusto Almeida Filo Maia repo owner

    Did you check the scale?

    Could you upload a screenshot? I couldn't reproduce this problem :X

  2. Gautam Singh reporter

    sure ! I checked the scale of the prefarb its 1,1,1 in following screenshot , tile size is 33 x 33 pixels and floating squares are added as prefarb and I had to make them 99 x 99 pixels to match them with tiles. May be I am missing something!

    My_fixed_bug copy.PNG

  3. Guilherme Augusto Almeida Filo Maia repo owner

    Hm, check if tile size in tiled is okay, I believe the tileset's tile sizes are different from the map ones, which could probably cause this issue. Also check if your camera's ortographicSize is correctly calculated. I'll make more tests involving tilesets with different tile sizes than the map.

  4. Gautam Singh reporter

    Tileset and map have same tile size , please check the snapshot of XML and I am not changing Orthographic size its 13.48 .


    Just to have better idea , Please check below screen shot the small squares are sprites of 33x33 dimension.


  5. Guilherme Augusto Almeida Filo Maia repo owner

    Sorry for not answering in a long time, but, are you still having this problem in the latest version?

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