An Android app to assist farmers in calculating crop fertilizer and insecticide spraying costs. It connects to an online MySQL database and parses JSON results of a PHP file to keep the data up to date.

Fractacular 2.0

A fractal explorer with attitude. Re-factored for speed, usability and easier addition of new fractal formula. It features several unique fractal algorithms, a variety of coloring algorithms, quick navigation of complex space, re-sizable display and the ability to output the fractal to a PNG file.

Wacky space invaders

A quick clone of space invaders written in C++ and Direct3D. I constructed the graphics and sound for this project and it turned out a little strange, hence the name. It's purpose was to demonstrate an understanding of C++, polymorphism and the use of external libraries (Direct X June 2009).


A visual basic assignment - tracks the stock level and manages sales for a small business. Saves the data in a text file. Contains some useful user controls, interface designs and code snippets. (Visual studio 2010).

Article Database

A VB.Net database assignment. Demonstrates connecting, updating, inserting and deleting rows in a database using OLEDB.


A content creation system I wrote one afternoon to generate plausible star systems.


A place for me to store my solutions to Project Euler problems.


This is an experiment with fractals. Instead of outputting pixels to represent the escape orbits of complex, holomorphic functions I used an English word frequency table I constructed for another project.


This is a fractal explorer with attitude. It features multiple unique algorithms, a dynamic plugin system for loose coupling and a save to a png feature. Press F1 for help. Written in Java and designed to be fast and easy to use.

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