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Introducing MinCat for MSBuild / Visual Studio

MinCat serves as a hook for MSBuild and Visual Studio to minimize and concatenate JavaScript files as part of a build process.

It easily integrates into any existing MVC or Web Forms project. Although highly configurable, its default settings should have you up and running out of the box.


State-of-the-art UglifyJS2 minimization engine.

Optional extensions for both MVC and Web Forms projects, letting you automatically switch between minimized code and un-minimized development code.

Optional in-line script directives to control the minimization process on a per-file basis.

Powerful script dependency management. Let scripts declare their own dependencies: MinCat will sort it all out.

Intelligently separate "library" code (such as jQuery, Bootstrap, etc) from page-specific code, resulting in more efficient cache hits.

Multiple minimization contexts. Does your site have a public section and an admin section? Do they use subtly different libraries? Not a problem.

Simple, powerful configuration. MinCat is designed to "just work" out of the box, but it supports a wide array of configurations for advanced usage.


MinCat is available as a NuGet package, or by cloning this repository and building it yourself.

Check the release notes for update information.


MinCat is released under a BSD license.