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MinCat / Installation


The recommending method of installing MinCat is through installing the NuGet package. To do this from Visual Studio, open your project, select "Tools", then "Library Package Manager", then "Manage NuGet Packages." Use the provided search method to locate MinCat.

NuGet Screenshot

Take note! There are two MinCat NuGet packages available:

MinCat.MSBuild provides the basic MSBuild tasks, and does not otherwise add a reference to MinCat to your project.

MinCat.MVC adds the MinCat MVC Helper extension to your projects. This does not include the MSBuild tasks (you will need to install MinCat.MSBuild as well).

These packages can and should be used together.

The MSBuild package will modify your project file and add the necessary extensions to MSBuild. The MVC package will modify your web.config to add a reference to MinCat.MVC in your views.