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How to contribute

Thanks for considering to contribute!

Besides giving us constructive feedback by submitting issues, we also invite you to improve the tool itself (and create a pull request).

Here are some details that should help you getting started.

Building the project

We use Maven 3 to build the project, and follow Maven conventions (for example, w.r.t. directory structure) as much as possible.

If you have Maven installed, you can compile the project by executing mvn compile

Coding Conventions

We use Sonar with a slightly adapted Sonar way rule set (the default) to check the P3J code for inconsistencies, bugs, etc.: just set the rule 'Package name' so that it enforces a top package called p3j, via the regular expression ^p3j+(\.[a-z0-9]*)*$ (in the Sonar configuration). If this is configured correctly, there should be no violations to the rules - please check before sending pull requests!

See the README.txt in the repository for more details.