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List of Used Software

The software is based on the open-source modeling and simulation framework JAMES II, which is available under a custom open-source license.

Matrix calculations are provided by Colt, a free Java library developed at CERN. Colt relies on concurrency utilities which are in the public domain.

The JGrid component of Jeppers, which provides a tabular grid for data input in the GUI, is available under a LGPL 2.1 license.

JGoodies Forms and JGoodies Looks are used to layout form elements in the GUI and adapt the overall Look&Feel. They are available under a BSD license.

JMathPlot is used to show data plots. It is available under a BSD license.

Freemarker, a template engine, is used to generate the result report files. It is available under a 'BSD-ish' license.

Hibernate, an open-source O/R mapper for Java, is used to store both model data and results. It is available under an LGPL 2.1 license. Hibernate relies on the following software packages, which we distribute as well (to allow an easy installation):

To allow an easy installation of the software, we also re-distribute two JDBC drivers that we tested to work with the P3J:

The icons used are from the Eclipse project and are licensed under the Eclipse Public License.

More details can be found in the file NOTICE.txt in the release_files directory of the repository. The licenses of the used software packages can be found at release_files/libs/licenses in the repository, or at libs/licenses in the released package.