A computational pipeline for MLST typing from metagenomic data

MetaMLST is a software tool that performs an in-silico Multi Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) Analysis on metagenomic samples. MetaMLST achieves cultivation- and assembly- free strain level tracking and detects all the species to which the standard MLST protocol is applicable.

What can I use MetaMLST for?

  • Strain level identification
  • Microbial population analysis

How it works?

MetaMLST works by reconstructing the MLST loci-sequences using the closest reference from the publicly available datsets (PubMLST) and traces the most abundant strain of each species: MetaMLST pipeline schema

How can I use it?

Please refer to the Wiki for the documentation. You can also try the examples.

Where can I get support?