Increased configurability for autocompletion.

Issue #125 resolved
Henrik Solvang
created an issue

I wish to be able to configure autocompletion for system tasks/functions. Specifically, I want $display to autocomplete to

$display("%0t - $0", $time);

and similarly for other tasks. I'm assuming that any changes I do to will reset when the package is updated, so something which can override the default completions would be nice.

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  1. Clams repo owner

    Latest version (2.13.0) should allow you to configure the completion the way you want: in your particular example, just add the following text to your sublime setting file (preference->package settings->SystemVerilog->Settings User):

    "sv.completion.systemtask.user" : [
        ["display"       ,"$display()",        "display(\"%0t - $0\",\\$time);"           ]
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