completion doesn't work for . and ::

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mikael bohman
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I'm struggling to make completion work for . and ::

I'm using Win10 64 bit, sublime build 3126. I have installed it on 2 different machines, and tested the 32bit/64bit + stand alone version of sublime. Completion works for reserved words and other signals, but never for a struct or for the scope operator. For an example I tested with the "" from the SystemVerilog package.

I have also tested to change the # print( to print( in the .py packge files to get som debug info:

The filelist from def struct_assign_completion in the file is empty when typing a struct.

What is wrong?

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  1. Clams repo owner

    You must ensure that the files where the stuct or package is defined is inside your sublime text project.

    If you use the file and you type at the end "if1." you should see the proper completion, but you need to add the file in the project.

    Check if calling the completion manually works (ctrl+space by default), maybe you have some option overriding the default behavior.

    Edit to clearly indicated that completion does not work if the file is not part of the project.

  2. mikael bohman reporter


    It always responds: No available completion

    I did clean installs and tested to only install the package manager and the SystemVerilog package. Nothing else, but it doesn't help.

  3. Clams repo owner

    When I checked with this file, it was part of my project, I was incorrect when I said that this was not required: make sure you add the file to your project and it should work.

  4. Clams repo owner

    Good point about the doc, I'll change it to:

    Note that advanced features, like completion or tooltips, are not available if no project is defined.
    Also, support for ST2 is minimal with basic highlighting only.

    It should be clearer.

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