Serious bug: Latest version of causes plugin_host process to 100% CPU and sublime_text hangs

Issue #128 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Use the code below as a testcase. When the number of characters inside the constraint increases, it starts taking much longer to get a tooltip when pointing the mouse at the class name. Also, code that uses this class will hang when typing "." (to bring up suggestions),

Using Sublime text 3 build 3126 and SublimeSystemVerilog 1/11/17 on Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

class CfgObj extends ovm_object;
    bit t;
    // The number of characters inside the constraint below
    // causes a delay when mousing over the classname above.
    // Copy These comments inside the constraint and it will hang
    // when mousing over the class name to display a tooltip
    // Or you can change the variable name 't' below to be longer (> 10 chars)
    constraint consecPrefMode_c {
        if (t) {
            aa dist {1 :/90,
                    0 :/ 10};
        } else {
            aa == 0;


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