Hanging a lot on top module.

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First off, I want to thank you for the awesome package. It has filled such a gap in my HDL development process.

I'm seeing a lot of hangs recently on my top module.
Here are a few examples: 1) When I try to write "always" it hangs for a several minutes after I type "a". 2) I've also seen it hang sometimes when I highlight a net. 3) When using the "Veilog: Instantiate Module" helper it hangs for several mintutes after i choose which module to instantiate.
All these features seem to work fine when I'm working in other modules. Do you have any recommendations on how to troubleshoot this problem?

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  1. Clams repo owner

    For your second point there is one setting that could help:

    "sv.hover_max_size" : -1,  // Max size of the file (in byte) to display popup info. 
                               // Set to -1 to disable the limit (default), 0 to disable feature.

    This will disable the popup for file too big.

    I have recently started to make some improvement on performances, I'll try to have a look and focus on those points, especially the first one because you are just typing text ...

    And for the 3rd point I should also be able at least to run the task in the background so Sublime stay at least responsive even if it takes some times

    Can you give me an idea of how big your top level is ?

  2. Clams repo owner

    I made an update (2.14.3) that should improve the first point: i did a test on a ~1MB top level, and the response time went from 7s to 0.7s. Please tell me if you see improvement too. I'll have a look on the other point a bit later.

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