Extend the autocompletion to other custom file formats

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Jigar Savla
created an issue


Can you add support to think of other custom file formats as SystemVerilog? I use a format (non-sv) which after some processing generates sv file. Since the editing is done in a non-sv format, the plugin doesn't enable it's completion features. Would it be possible to let it be user selectable.

Clearly, by default 'sv' would work. But for others like me this could help.

Thanks in advance!

# in SublimeSystemVerilog / verilog_completion.py

class VerilogAutoComplete(sublime_plugin.EventListener):

    def always_completion(self):
        if fname:
            is_sv = os.path.splitext(fname)[1].startswith('.sv') ### Need this to be a list supplied from the user settings instead of hard-coded 'sv'
            is_sv = False

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  1. Jigar Savla reporter

    I was reading the code further. Seems bunch of places we have hardcoded for header files as well. Like 'svh' , 'vh'.

    So as a spec for change, I would believe having two lists: One for SysV file formats and another for SysV header file formats would be beneficial.

    Default values for these lists would be what is currently provided. And user can append their values to the list in the user settings.


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