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  1. Can the hierarchy be opened in a new view. And navigation into source files happen in old view. This way I have side-by-side windows. One window for source code and second window for hierarchy view.

  2. In Hierarchy view if I press F12 on reference module it opens the reference module. But clicking F12 on instance name shows unable to find instance. Can this open the file containing the instance and jump to the instance.

  3. Along with F12 can we bind left mouse click in the hierarchy view to jump to various sources.

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  1. Clams repo owner

    Should be more or less handled in 2.16.0

    1. you need to set the settings sv.hierarchy_new_window to true
    2. F12 on instance name should have worked already, at least most of the time, but now it should be very consistent
    3. This is a little more tricky because Sublime does not support context for nouse binding, contrary to key-binding: this means that binding a click to a function override every other click behavior ... I gave an example in the change log on how to bind the function to ctrl+right click which has no binding by default. If you need the binding to coexist with other normal behavior you will need to write a dedicated plugin (very simple) that choose the correct command depending on the scope.

    For the moment this only support one hierarchy at a time: maybe i'll add support for multiple hierarchies if needed

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