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Add command to align code properly (module instantiation, signal declaration, ...)

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  1. Clams reporter

    Start support in commit 52 (version 1.4.0): module instantiation and module port declaration. TODO: signal declaration, non-blocking assignement, case()

  2. Clams reporter

    Update in 0dceb82 (version 1.10.0) to support assignment (blocking/non blocking), case and struct assign. TODO: global reindent with begin end, one line if/for/while

  3. Clams reporter

    Add reindent command in 5368d10.


    • add option to enforce some indent style (K&R /1TBS / GNU)
    • add beautify command that would call all the different align/reindent command
  4. Clams reporter

    Biggest part of the work done. Some improvement todo:

    • ternary operator " ? : " alignement on multiple lines
    • alignment on = for assign split on multiple lines
    • alignment between multiple affectation inside function/task
    • Alignement on { in structure affectation when not at end of line
  5. Clams reporter

    By adding the argument cmd="reindent" to the verilog_align command. The keybinding example in the readme is alt+shift+a. This was broken when I rework the beautifier, but should be ok now

  6. Nico Lugil

    Pretty basic question: what is the difference between reindent and code alignment. I have some code that looks weird after doing reindent, but is ok after alignment.

  7. Clams reporter

    Reindent will not perform special alignement on port/signal declaration, or assignment or any stuff like that, it only look at the code indentation.

  8. mrvkino

    Could it be possible for the alignement function to skip (ignore) the `ifdef, `ifndef, `else, `endif. Right now it causes indentation/alignement problem in my port declaration.

  9. Clams reporter

    Should be fixed in 2.18.2.

    For information, first one was actually related to generate block and second one to spaces in parameters value ;)

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