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For UNIX platforms, you should in general follow the instructions in
the INSTALL file.  If you get into trouble, refer back to this file to
see if a solution is provided here.

This file is divided into sections for each platform we have specific
information on.  If you bump into problems not described here, please
let us know.  If you also have the solution, you get extra bonus
points :)

The platforms we currently have information for are:

  1. IBM AIX

                               IBM AIX

Note that we do not have an AIX platform to test on, so we can't
reproduce and fix these problems yet. We would be grateful for any
further input provided from people using Coin on AIX.

 1 If you get the error message "Arg list too long" when linking the
   Coin library, you need to re-run ``configure'' with the
   "--enable-compact" option and try to make again.

   The problem comes from AIX' much too low setting of the memory
   allocated for shell argument parsing. This is a kernel parameter
   which on AIX, unlike other operating systems like Linux or SGI
   IRIX, can _not_ be tuned.

   For further information about this, see also the item on this in
   the IRIX section.

 2 We have a report on the final link-stage of a build-process
   initiated with the ``--enable-compact'' option to configure ending
   in this error from the AIX linker when used with GNU GCC:

     ld: 0711-781 ERROR: TOC overflow. TOC size: 78464 Maximum size: 65536

   You should be able to fix this by either passing the -mminimal-toc
   option to the GCC compiler, like this:

     $ <srcpath>/configure <youroptions> CFLAGS=-mminimal-toc

   or the -bbigtoc option to the linker, like this:

     $ <srcpath>/configure <youroptions> LDFLAGS=-bbigtoc

   Note that the last option needs PRPQ P91128 for AIX ld.

                               SGI IRIX

 1 If linking fails due to problems with an error message about
   "Argument list too long", you need to increase the kernel setting
   of memory allocated to argument parsing in the shells.

   SGI IRIX have a default setting on the buffer available for
   shell-argument parsing at an extremely low 20kB. (Other common
   platforms like Solaris og HPUX11 have a default buffer of => 1MB
   for ARGMAX. Linux-kernels, up to version 2.4, has a default ARGMAX
   of 128KB.)

   Combined with the peculiar technique of IRIX ld to extract all .o
   object-files from ar-archives before linking up a main library from
   sub-libraries, this makes the final link command when building Coin
   become way too large under many IRIX platforms.

   (For more information, see the documentation of the "ncargs" kernel
   variable in "Appendix A: Kernel tunable parameters" in �IRIX 6.5
   Admin: System Configuration and Operation�, available online at

   You can fix this problem once and for all by doing this as root
   (ask your sysadmin):

      # systune -i
      > ncargs 81920
      > quit

   To make the changes survive a reboot, copy the new kernel over the
   old one:

      # mv /unix.install /unix

   An alternative fix for this (for instance if you don't have root
   access to the system, or don't want to lose your uptime count, or
   don't have the balls to make and install a new kernel) is to re-run
   ``configure'' with the "--enable-compact" option.

 2 If linking fails with the error messages:

     ld: ERROR 48: Cannot access registry file .libs/so_locations ...
     ld: FATAL 51: Can't assign virtual addresses for ...'re typically trying to link over NFS, which the SGI linker is
   not too fond of in certain situations -- as it needs to be able to
   lock the so_locations file. If this happens to you, try compiling
   and linking on a local disk instead. Or just make a symlink from
   the .libs/so_locations file the linker is trying to make to an
   empty file (use ``touch'') on a local disk.

 3 If linking fails with something like

        171230:/usr/lib32/cmplrs/nm_elf: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot
        Successfully map soname '' under any of the filenames

   You've stumbled into an SGI MIPSPro version 7.30 compiler bug. It
   can be worked around by setting the environment variable TOOLROOT
   to the empty string "", like this (for Bourne Shell):

        $ TOOLROOT=""
        $ export TOOLROOT

 4 If ``make install'' fails in the src/elements/ directory with either

        mkdir -p -- /devlibs/FT_PD_irix-n32-R3/include/Inventor/elements
        *** Termination code 138 (bu21)

   (for SGI make) or

        gmake[3]: *** [install-libelementsincHEADERS] Segmentation fault (core dumped)

   (for GNU make), chances are you're running SGI IRIX 6.3, with
   configure picking up the Korn Shell (/bin/ksh) for the build
   process. ksh seems to have an internal limit which causes the
   ``make'' tools to freak out when an envvar value has too many
   characters. Since there are problems with other standard SGI IRIX
   shells (see below), we advice you to install and use the GNU Bourne
   Again Shell (bash).

   Pre-compiled packages of bash are available from
   <URL:>, or you can pick up the sourcecode
   at <URL:>.

   With bash in place, run configure with (assuming you installed bash
   in /bin):

        $ CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash <srcpath>/configure <your-options>

 5 An Autoconf bug seems to affect attempts to run configure with
   either /bin/sh, /bin/csh or /bin/tcsh. The shell interpreter
   complains with "missing }". The best solution seems to be to use
   the GNU Bourne Again Shell. See above.

 6 Problems with object code formats. Will typically manifest itself
   when trying to build code on top of Coin, for instance one of the
   So* libraries. A typical error message you will get is like this
   (example is from an SoQt configure run):

     configure:12022: checking whether libCoin is available
     configure:12058: g++ -o conftest -g -O2   -I/coin-instdir/include -O2 -D_REENTRANT -O2 -L/coin-instdir/lib -O2 -lCoin -lGL -lXext -lSM -lICE -lX11 -ldl -lpthread -lm  >&5
     ld32: FATAL 12: Expecting n32 objects: 
     /coin-instdir/lib/ is o32.

   This is a rather classical IRIX problem, not really related
   specifically to Coin: IRIX has 3 different types of executables /
   shared libraries / object code formats. You can compile code in
   "old 32 bits" mode ("o32"), "new 32 bits" mode ("n32") or "new 64
   bits" mode ("n64"), and these are *not* interchangeable. This means
   that if you want to build an "n32" executable, _all_ the libraries
   it depends on must also be in this format.

   What the linker is complaining about in this case is that one or
   more (or probably all) of the _other_ libraries on the link line is
   in "n32" format, while was built as an "o32" library.

   You will either have to tell the compiler and linker to use
   exclusively "o32" libraries, or better: to rebuild the
   library in "n32" format.

   This is very likely a local configuration issue with the compiler
   and / or linker set-up, which you should get your local IRIX-guru
   to investigate.

                             SUN SOLARIS

Forte compiler suite (aka Workshop)

 1 The Forte compiler suite for SunOS/Solaris might complain about
   undefined symbols when trying to link Coin.  When these symbols
   contains the string "Crun", it means that libCrun is not linked in
   on the link line, but should be.

   The workaround for this problem is to either add LIBS="-lCrun" at
   the end of the Coin configure invocation line, or LIBS="-lCstd
   -lCrun -lc", i.e. something like this:

        $ <srcdir>/configure <youroptions> LIBS="-lCrun"


        $ <srcdir>/configure <youroptions> LIBS="-lCstd -lCrun -lc"

   To get -lCrun to work, you might also need to specify the linker
   path to that library.  Exactly where you will find it is system
   dependent, but somewhere under the Forte installation directory
   would be a good place to look.

   One user had libCrun in /opt/forte-6.1/SUNWspro/WS6U1/lib/.  As
   usual, "locate" and "find" are your friends.

   (To let configure know about this extra path, add LDFLAGS="-L<path>"
   at the end of the configure invocation, like explained for the LIBS
   setting above.)

 2 We have reports of problems with the final link stage if the C
   compiler in the Forte suite is used instead of the C++ compiler for
   compiling Coin's C sources. This might be a Libtool bug. To work
   around it, set up for building everything with the C++ compiler,
   something like this:

        $ <srcdir>/configure <youroptions> CC=CC CXX=CC


1 When building with gcc, (we've tested with gcc 3.3) configuring and
  building Coin is a breeze. You just need to have /opt/csw/gcc3/bin
  in your PATH environment variable, and /opt/csw/gcc3/lib in your
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (needed for libstdc++). In
  addition, you must set the AR environment variable to /usr/ccs/bin/ar
  This can be done when configuring.

2 If you nevertheless get linker errors, like the below:

    base/.libs/libbase.a(bitset.o): In function `std::_Base_bitset<(unsigned)1>::_M_do_find_next(unsigned, unsigned) const': /cdl/CDL01/kp/obj/sparc-sun-solaris2.9/libstdc++-v3/src/../../../../gcc-3.3.2/libstdc++-v3/src/ multiple definition of `std::_Base_bitset<(unsigned)1>::_M_do_find_first(unsigned) const'
    actions/.libs/libactions.a(bitset.o):/cdl/CDL01/kp/obj/sparc-sun-solaris2.9/libstdc++-v3/src/../../../../gcc-3.3.2/libstdc++-v3/src/ first defined here
    base/.libs/libbase.a(bitset.o): In function `std::_Base_bitset<(unsigned)1>::_M_do_find_next(unsigned, unsigned) const': /cdl/CDL01/kp/obj/sparc-sun-solaris2.9/libstdc++-v3/src/../../../../gcc-3.3.2/libstdc++-v3/src/ multiple definition of `std::_S_first_one'
    actions/.libs/libactions.a(bitset.o):/cdl/CDL01/kp/obj/sparc-sun-solaris2.9/libstdc++-v3/src/../../../../gcc-3.3.2/libstdc++-v3/src/ first defined here

  ...then you should build Coin from scratch again, and make sure you
  do not try to build with "g++" (a gcc-wrapper that pulls in all kinds
  of things implicitly), but build with plain "gcc".  Re-run configure
  like this:

    .../Coin/configure CC=gcc CXX=gcc ...