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Added missing include for cc_debugerror_post()

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File include/Inventor/SbBasic.h

 // warning if so for debug builds.  inlined like this to not take much
 // screenspace in inline functions.
-// cc_debugerror_post() is not attempted resolved before the template is
-// used, hence the missing Inventor/errors/SoDebugError.h #include. This
-// "trick" does only work *portably* for functions in the global namespace.
+// Missing include for cc_debugerror_post() added here. The previous "trick"
+// for not needing to resolve symbols in global namespace no longer works
+// with newer compilers.
+#ifndef NDEBUG
+#include <Inventor/C/errors/debugerror.h>
+#endif // !NDEBUG
 template <typename Type>
 inline void SbDividerChk(const char * funcname, Type divider) {