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Don’t undefine float-versions of math functions when clang compiler is used (OS X).

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File include/Inventor/C/base/math-undefs.h

   This block was originally part of Inventor/C/basic.h, but since the
   #undef's were mangled by the config.status process, it did not really
   work as intended.  20070518 larsa
+  cmath from "The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure" uses float-versions of the
+  math functions below. Therefore don't undefine them when __clang__ is
+  defined.
+#ifndef __clang__
 #undef cosf
 #define cosf(x) NO_SINGLEPREC /* whatever that'll give us a compile error... */
 #undef sinf
 #undef atan2f
 #define atan2f(x) NO_SINGLEPREC
+#endif // !__clang__
 /* *********************************************************************** */
 #endif // !COIN_MATH_UNDEFS_H