Coin / src / shapenodes / SoText2.cpp

Diff from to


       const char * p = str.getString();
       size_t length = cc_string_utf8_validate_length(p);
-      assert(length);
       for (unsigned int strcharidx = 0; strcharidx < length; strcharidx++) {
-	uint32_t glyphidx = 0;
+        uint32_t glyphidx = 0;
-	glyphidx = cc_string_utf8_get_char(p);
-	p = cc_string_utf8_next_char(p);
+        glyphidx = cc_string_utf8_get_char(p);
+        p = cc_string_utf8_next_char(p);
         cc_glyph2d * glyph = cc_glyph2d_ref(glyphidx, fontspec, 0.0f);
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