Coin / include / Inventor / nodes / SoTextureCubeMap.h

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Marius Kintel avatarMarius Kintel
Updated license headers to BSD
Default avatar Jostein
updated copyright headers
Default avatar Peder Blekken
Remove (internally) all the old texture elements that only supported one texture unit. In the public API they are still supported using a typedef to the corresponding multi texture element. SoGLTexture3Element is 100% deprecated though.
Default avatar Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen
Updated copyright headers.
Default avatar Lars J. Aas
Copyright header update
Default avatar Lars J. Aas
reparent nodes as children of SoTexture
Default avatar Lars J. Aas
copyright header update
Default avatar Peder Blekken
TGS Inventor conformance fix.
Default avatar Peder Blekken
Comment about API
Default avatar Peder Blekken
SoTextureCubeMap implementation.
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