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Coin / src / elements / GL / SoGLViewportRegionElement.cpp

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Marius Kintel
Updated license headers to BSD
updated copyright headers
Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen
Updated copyright headers.
Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen
Compilation fixes. -Fixed compiler warnings. -Using C++ style casts. -Using new style C++ includes. -Some const correctness. -Whitespace cleanup. -elements compiles without warnings on gcc 4.3
Lars J. Aas
Copyright header update
Lars J. Aas
copyright header update
Morten Eriksen
Robustness: warn app programmer that the the context-blind GL query functions have an unsafe interface, and that they should be avoided.
Morten Eriksen
Copyright span updates + SIM address updated for Trondheim offices.
Lars J. Aas
copyright headers
Peder Blekken
Variable shadowing fixes. By larsa.
Lars J. Aas
move GL elements to subdir