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Coin / src / fonts / defaultfonts.h

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Marius Kintel
Updated license headers to BSD
updated copyright headers
Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen
Updated copyright headers.
Lars J. Aas
Copyright header update
Lars J. Aas
copyright header update
Morten Eriksen
Clean-up: collect common glyph-handling code between cc_glyph2d and cc_glyph3d in its own internal interface (cc_glyph).
Morten Eriksen
Clean-up: various minor improvements to the internal font interfaces. Bugfix: make the multiple size default 2D fonts work.
Morten Eriksen
Feature update: add more internal bitmap fonts in various sizes. Sync'ed with Coin-2.
Morten Eriksen
Copyright span updates + SIM address updated for Trondheim offices.
Lars J. Aas
copyright headers
Morten Eriksen
Const type qualifier for float return value is meaningless (and causes a warning with gcc 2.95.4).
Øystein Handegard
Made the 3d font 'get_advance' return a const float.
Morten Eriksen
Moved more font-related stuff from misc/ to fonts/.