Coin / src / profiler / SoNodeProfiling.h

Author Commit Message Date
Marius Kintel
Updated license headers to BSD
updated copyright headers
Morten Eriksen
janitorial: update misc more obscure copyright date stuff, plus change remaining 'Systems in Motion' refs to 'Kongsberg SIM'
Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen
Make all headers selfsufficient.
Lars J. Aas
whitespace fixes
Lars J. Aas
doc-updates, removed redundant SoProfiler::isActive() method
Lars J. Aas
remove profiling-parts conditionals
Lars J. Aas
filesystem filename casing bugfix
Lars J. Aas
build fix
Lars J. Aas
Implement profiling autoredraw feature. Remove redundant/obsoleted envvar parsing code. Update to reflect SoProfiler/SoNodeProfiling subsystem changes. Disable profiling where appropriate. Bugfixes for the profiling instrumentation code in the traversal code (parent nodes now instrument only around traversing their children and no other places, and the action instruments around traversing the root).
Automatic Property adjustment
Lars J. Aas
simplify, don't glFinish() for other than SoGLRenderAction traversals
Lars J. Aas
profiling code refactoring