Issue #44 open

Make the documentation available again

Alexander_F avatarAlexander_F created an issue

Make a working link to the Coin documentation available, since as stated in the Wiki doesn't work anymore.

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  1. Thomas Flynn


    Although we can build it for ourselves, it was very handy to have it indexed in Google for searching. Is it possible to host the documentation in BitBucket?

  2. Roy Walmsley

    This sounds like a good plan to me. My first problem is to build the files myself! Again, being a previous Windows user I haven't used doxygen before and I am not set up to run the configure files. So... I have installed doxygen (and graphViz) and am trying to run for the first time with a bit of 'guess the settings'. If I get anything half-decent I will then have a little play with setting up the website here on bitbucket. I will let you know how I get on.


  3. Bastiaan Veelo

    Oh, good. It seems the text there is the same as on the wiki, accessible by clicking the "IntroductionToCoin3D" link on Not sure if it is wise to have it that way, they will get out of sync sooner or later.

    Are you planning to host API documentation for the different Coin modules in subdirectories as described here?

    Let me know if you want help.


  4. Roy Walmsley

    I haven't actually changed anything yet! In the first instance I am looking at the source files in the repository that generate the 'Main Page' as a starter. When I get it sorted I will generate the HTML index page and substitute it for the old one.

    Yes, I was thinking of using subdirectories as described in the Atlassian documentation.

    Thanks for the offer of help. I might well take you up on it. Once I get all the processes established.


  5. Roy Walmsley

    I have just made a small change to the existing single web page I referred to in a previous comment above. This proves I have the necessary access to update it.

  6. Roy Walmsley

    I have now completed the first stage of the Coin documentation update. It is now accessible at I have added most of the original images (33 out of 38) and updated the layout.

    Please give me some feedback. What is wrong with it? What will make it better, etc?

    I know that there is still a lot of undocumented stuff. That is all in stage 2 to follow. I will then update the source code in the Coin repository so you can make your own.


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