Test that sub-repo references work with Bitbucket

Issue #1 resolved
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Clone and build the whole stack from bitbucket.

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  1. Coin3D reporter
    • Are all repos created with correct names?
    • Are all referenced sub-repos present on bitbucket?
    • Are all sub-repo references relative? (ie no dangling references to hg.sim.no)
  2. Marius Kintel

    Fixed by updating the .hgsub files to make sub-repositories relative. e.g. for SoQt: data = ../soanydata src/Inventor/Qt/common = ../sogui build/general = ../generalmsvcgeneration

    This is not ideal, since any forks would require the subrepositories to be forked as well, but I couldn't find any other ways of doing this without explicitly pointing to an absolute location, including access scheme (which would break http vs. ssh access).

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