CMake installation does not install SbLazyPimplPtr.hpp and SbPimplPtr.hpp files

Issue #169 resolved
Volker Enderlein created an issue

The directory include/Inventor/tools contains two hpp include files that are not properly installed from CMake. It can be easily fixed, but I would vote against the usage of hpp extension for include files. I would rather propose to rename the files in question from SbLazyPimplPtr.hpp to SbLazyPimplPtrImpl.h and from SbPimplPtr.hpp to SbPimplPtrImpl.h as they contain the implementation of the template methods and are considered internal.

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  1. Giampiero Gabbiani

    Hi Volker,

    why is it a bug? The two files should be used for internal coin development only and so not exported.

    As for the change from SbPimplPtr.hpp to SbPimplPtrImpl.h, imho the .hpp extension better outlines the 'implementation' nature of these headers but it is just a matter of personal coding style, not a 'no'.


  2. Volker Enderlein reporter

    Hi Giampiero,

    when running configure Coin installs those two *.hpp files so I was misleaded to assume the CMake version needs to install them too. It`s just the other way round, they need to be removed from the configure scripts.


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