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Issue #22 new

Name lookup problem: cc_debugerror_post

Gregor Jasny
created an issue


when trying to build Coin on MacOS using the latest Xcode / clang it fails with:

:info:build In file included from SoPickAction.cpp:47: 2027 :info:build In file included from ../../include/Inventor/actions/SoPickAction.h:27: 2028 :info:build In file included from ../../include/Inventor/actions/SoAction.h:27: 2029 :info:build ../../include/Inventor/SbBasic.h:99:5: error: call to function 'cc_debugerror_post' that is neither visible in the template definition nor found by argument-dependent lookup 2030 :info:build cc_debugerror_post(funcname, "divide by zero error.", divider); 2031 :info:build ^ 2032 :info:build ../../include/Inventor/SbVec2s.h:71:35: note: in instantiation of function template specialization 'SbDividerChk<int>' requested here 2033 :info:build SbVec2s & operator /= (int d) { SbDividerChk("SbVec2s::operator/=(int)", d); vec[0] /= d; vec[1] /= d; return *this; } 2034 :info:build ^ 2035 :info:build ../../include/Inventor/C/errors/debugerror.h:59:19: note: 'cc_debugerror_post' should be declared prior to the call site 2036 :info:build COIN_DLL_API void cc_debugerror_post(const char * source, const char * format, ...); 2037 :info:build

See: https://trac.macports.org/attachment/ticket/36632/main.log

The attached patch fixed the issue.

Thanks, Gregor

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