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Issue #28 resolved
Roy Walmsley created an issue

There is an error in the file SoInteractionKit.cpp which causes problems with Draggers / Manipulators. The problem is at line 612/614.

SoNode * parent = this->getCatalogInstances()[parentIdx]->getValue(); SoNode * node = this->getCatalogInstances()[partNum]->getValue();

Each of these two lines uses 'this->' whereas they should be using 'kit->'.

Thus they should be

SoNode * parent = kit->getCatalogInstances()[parentIdx]->getValue(); SoNode * node = kit->getCatalogInstances()[partNum]->getValue();

I fixed this earlier this year, when I had issues with the JackManip in my viewer. I was using Coin 2.5 then and I am now upgrading to the latest Coin and see that the problem still exists.

N.B. I also made other changes to the JackDragger code and data defaults to improve the performance. I can report those separately.

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