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Public wiki and mailing list/forum!!

Anonymous created an issue

Hi there

Please could we have an official place for a public wiki on Coin3D and also a link to the 'official' coin3d discussion group, which was aleady migrated to Google Groups some time ago, but which isn't mentioned anywhere except for in another bug report on this site.


This would help to enable the community to be active in documenting tips and tricks with Coin3D eg how to get Pivy working with SImage on Ubuntu 12.04...?

Cheers JP

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  1. Amit Aronovitch

    Thanks for the link. Note that the main wiki page seems to be editable (you have to login as a bitbucket user). I have added your link, as well as a link to the old group (which seems roughly as active as the ggroups list).

    The main problem is that there seems to be no maintainance activity on this project since 3/2012. Maybe we post a call in the lists, and see what happens.

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