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Francois Faure
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Hello, I usually install Coin3D on Ubuntu using the packaging system and it works fine, but now I am trying to install it on Windows and I am getting into trouble. It seems that page is not up to date. There is no installer on the download page, only a bunch of archives, all of them seem incomplete. For instance, none of them contains SoWin.h or SoQt.h So my question is: how to use Coin3D on Windows ? Best regards, FF

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  1. Amit Aronovitch

    We have seen no activity from original devs for some time, so I guess it is time for the community to try handling existing issues ourselves...

    Indeed, it seems like the binary distributions available on this project contain only the core library. I think SoWin.h is from the SoWin repository ( and SoQt.h is probably from the SoQt repository, although it seems that SoQt had been deprecated by Quarter ( We need to compile these projects and add them to the binary distribution.

    I have created a fork project, in which I want to merge some of the existing pull requests. Currently I have merged fspindle's support for msvc10 and some minor fixes. The download file I provide there contains only the binary Win32 (vc10) version of coin and the simage library (no Win/Qt support yet). If you (or anyone else) wish to contribute and add more Coin3D sub-projects to the distribution, please open an issue in my fork project, and I will merge your code, or give you push permissions so you can do so yourself.

  2. Tom F

    Hey, From my experience with SoQt some of the header files, including SoQt.h, are constructed at compile time. This was done as a way to share code across different projects in the system.

  3. Alexey Pavlov

    I see not many activity on this projects and I get forks. I'm update most projects autotools to latest with deprecation of MSVC target for autotools. I don't think that anybody build Coin for Windows under Cygwin using MSVC compiler. Also I fix building for mingw-w64 targets. I'm developer of MSYS2 ( project (modern fork of Cygwin) and have great mingw-w64 package repositories. My repos contain Coin3d binaries for mingw-w64 targets.

    Regards, Alexey.

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