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Alexander_F created an issue

Make a working link to the Coin documentation available, since as stated in the Wiki doesn't work anymore.

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  1. Tom F


    Although we can build it for ourselves, it was very handy to have it indexed in Google for searching. Is it possible to host the documentation in BitBucket?

  2. Roy Walmsley

    This sounds like a good plan to me. My first problem is to build the files myself! Again, being a previous Windows user I haven't used doxygen before and I am not set up to run the configure files. So... I have installed doxygen (and graphViz) and am trying to run for the first time with a bit of 'guess the settings'. If I get anything half-decent I will then have a little play with setting up the website here on bitbucket. I will let you know how I get on.


  3. Bastiaan Veelo

    There is a doxygen for Windows too, and documentation is generated with Christian's configure switch when building on Windows using Cygwin.


  4. Christian Bühler

    @Alexander_F realized that the generated Documentation misses many classes (e.g. SoShaderParameterMatrix). To fix this, you can enable the parameter EXTRACT_ALL in src/coin/docs/

  5. Roy Walmsley

    I have discovered that this process has already been initiated! Try going to "" in your browser. There is a single web page, albeit out of date. I do have access to this repository so I can get it up to date.


  6. Bastiaan Veelo

    Oh, good. It seems the text there is the same as on the wiki, accessible by clicking the "IntroductionToCoin3D" link on Not sure if it is wise to have it that way, they will get out of sync sooner or later.

    Are you planning to host API documentation for the different Coin modules in subdirectories as described here?

    Let me know if you want help.


  7. Roy Walmsley

    I haven't actually changed anything yet! In the first instance I am looking at the source files in the repository that generate the 'Main Page' as a starter. When I get it sorted I will generate the HTML index page and substitute it for the old one.

    Yes, I was thinking of using subdirectories as described in the Atlassian documentation.

    Thanks for the offer of help. I might well take you up on it. Once I get all the processes established.


  8. Roy Walmsley

    I have just made a small change to the existing single web page I referred to in a previous comment above. This proves I have the necessary access to update it.

  9. Roy Walmsley

    I have now completed the first stage of the Coin documentation update. It is now accessible at I have added most of the original images (33 out of 38) and updated the layout.

    Please give me some feedback. What is wrong with it? What will make it better, etc?

    I know that there is still a lot of undocumented stuff. That is all in stage 2 to follow. I will then update the source code in the Coin repository so you can make your own.


  10. Thomas Moeller

    Thank you Roy for making the class documentation available online again. This is fantastic! It looks great and is so useful.

  11. Roy Walmsley

    Thanks. Do let me know if you observe any issues. I still have a lot of work to do on it and have yet to commit the changes in the sources.

  12. Roy Walmsley

    I am committing my source code changes so far to enable all users to generate their own documentation to match the current online documentation repository. Note that this may be buggy - I am still as yet unable to fully test it.

    When running doxygen (version 1.8.8) I still get a whole host of warning messages about undocumented things. I will gradually work through them and update the repositories occasionally.

  13. Roy Walmsley

    Dear all,

    I have noted that searching google for any of the coin classes does now have our documentation included in the results, albeit they may be some way down. Hopefully they will rise towards the top as they are used more.


  14. Roy Walmsley

    As doxygen has developed two of the tags used within the file have been obsoleted. These are SHOW_DIRECTORIES and HTML_ALIGN_MEMBERS. This occurred from version 1.8.1 released 19/05/2012. I will references to these, unless there are any objections.


  15. Roy Walmsley

    Dear all.

    OK. So I have now made major changes to the primary doxgen input file for Coin. Notwithstanding any howlers on my part this should now allow anyone to build the documentation to be identical to that online using the configure command shown by Christian in the first comment above.


  16. Thomas Moeller


    Having the documentation online again is really great and I use it quite often now. Working a bit on the class documentation I also downloaded doxygen and played a bit with the settings. Newer versions also support a tree view as an alternative to the top bar navigation. I noticed that with the current online references (using the top navigation bar) I have to navigate back and forth very often. In my opinion this becomes much better with the navigation tree on the left. Also I really like the hierarchical structure, especially under modules. Here is a screenshot: TreeView.png But this seems to be a matter of personal taste too. So I wanted to ask how others feel. Please comment!

    BTW: In order for this to work a few more files have to be updated (header, footer, some dox files). Of course I can provide those if we decide to go this way.


  17. Roy Walmsley


    I like that idea. However, before you do any work I had better commit the remainder of the files that I have updated.


  18. Bastiaan Veelo

    @walroy, have you merged your documentation changes yet? Would be nice to have these in before branching off for cmake as suggested in Issue #77.

  19. Alexander_F reporter

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    vielen Dank für Ihre E-Mail.

    Ich befinde mich derzeit außer Haus, bin aber ab 09.05.2015 wieder für Sie erreichbar.

    Viele Grüße Alexander Fürgut

  20. Roy Walmsley


    Yes. I committed all my changes before Christmas last year. Sorry if I didn't report it.


  21. Bastiaan Veelo

    Roy, I am not sure I am looking at the right files. I only see coin/docs/ together with Are these the ones that are in use right now? I ask because I was reading the part about adding nodes in coin/docs/HACKING.


  22. Roy Walmsley

    Bastiaan, there are the following files (hopefully I haven't missed any)

    coin/docs/ coin/docs/ coin/src/doc/coin_main.dox coin/docs/doxygen/header.html coin/docs/doxygen/footer.html


  23. Thomas Moeller

    This reminds me of the discussed layout change. If we agree on the tree view navigation, should I create a new pull request for that?

  24. Volker Enderlein

    @veelo Can we upload the current state of the Coin documentation to and provide SoWin, SoQt, and Quarter too? The documentation is part of the default build and could regularly be updated. What do you think?

  25. Bastiaan Veelo

    Yes that would be very nice. I am travelling this week with limited Internet access, though. Roy was the one who set up the documentation when he was still the sole maintainer. If you want to look into it before I return, I think he largely followed the instructions linked by me in my first reply to this issue.

    Regards, Bastiaan.

  26. Roy Walmsley

    Yes, as far as I remember I did start with Bastiaan's reference above. I did complete it on Windows, using doxygen, I recall. I didn't try it on any other OS. I do still have all my local copies of the files, although I would have committed them at the time. Still, if anyone wants anything, I'm happy to zip and e-mail it.

    Regards, Roy

  27. Volker Enderlein

    Thank you, Roy, for the offer and all the work you did on Coin over the last years. As the documentation is now part of the default build for Coin, SoWin, SoQt, and Quarter, we can publish an online version again (and I already did that a few hours ago) and easily update it if needed. Cheers, Volker

  28. Giampiero Gabbiani

    Hi all,

    just to share what I'm working about Coin documentation (and sorry but I missed till today this thread). I just finished a first release of a simple subrepo for extracting and producing omogeneous documentation for all the projects. The sub repo is here and it is very simple.

    In the repo there is a for documentation, essentially consists of a unique Doxyfile and stylesheet set, configured by three templates .

    Till now it is tested and working on simage, Coin, Quarter. SoQt is the next one.

    I add some pictures showing the same page in two (official and developer) of the three different flavours.

    The following is the layout of the docs aimed to be used for official public documentation, with treeview, menu bar and search field.


    This other instead is targeted to Coin based application developer , eventually integrated into an ide and so with a more compact view but same contents.


    The third flavour (internal) has the same functionality and look (so I don't upload) of the developer + internal docs and it is addressed for library developers.

    All of them can be enabled independently and produce and refer their xref files.

    Regards Giampiero

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