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Hello,I embed Coin3D's examiner viewer in a MFC control and want to realize the function that the size of examiner viewer changes with the size of the MFC control changing. But it seems that the minimum size of Coin3D's examiner viewer is 500x421 regardless of how small the size of the MFC control. How to fix it? Thanks

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  1. Roy Walmsley

    Sorry, only more questions, not answers.

    Do you only use the examiner viewer? If you have other viewers do they show the same problem? Why do you think it might be 421 high - this seems a strange number? However, what about the decorations - are they occupying the minimum size? When you reduce the size is it simply the inner client window that reduces? Presumably you have scroll bars enabled?

    I don't use Coin's inbuilt examiner viewer. I use a more advanced version of my own so can't check directly.


  2. zcmacbeth reporter

    Thank you very much for you answer. i checked the Coin3D's header files for a whole day, and finally i found that i could use the function "setSize()" in the SoWinComponent.h to scale the examiner viewer to any size in the MFC's dialoge program. i want to ask another question, what tool you use to display the scene since you don't use Coin's inbuilt examiner viewer? Best regards.



  3. Roy Walmsley

    Glad you managed to solve the original problem. If you have no objections I will close this issue.

    With respect to my own software I have my own extended version of SoWin. This includes Examiner, Walk, Fly and Plane viewers. My SoWin, and Coin (along with various other libraries) are all incorporated into my own viewer. This was designed by me while working for my employers and enabled the viewing of 3D models in not only the visible but also the infrared wavebands (with suitable extensions to the Coin nodes).


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