SoAsciiText fails with empty (default) string

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Issue #66 resolved
Thomas Moeller created an issue

Using SoAsciiText with default parameters in a scene fails due to an assertion in the setUpGlyphs function, which checks that no value of the string field has a length of zero: Assertion failed: (length), function setUpGlyphs, file shapenodes/SoAsciiText.cpp, line 870.

In my opinion it would be much better to handle empty strings in the setUpGlyphs() method instead of considering them as a fatal errors, especially since the default field value in SoAsciiText is an empty string.

The same issue also exists in SoText3.

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  1. Roy Walmsley

    Happy with this. I note that SoText2 does not have any asserts. I have accepted the corresponding pull request.


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