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Issue #79 resolved
ptwaixingren created an issue

Hi everyone, I want to use Coin3D draw the shadow of a cube, I create a light node and add the node before the cube node.I used the SoShadowGroup too, but there was't shadow. I also install the newest Nvidia driver to insure the opengl version > 2.0. Can anyone tell me how can I draw the shadow?

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  1. Roy Walmsley

    Can you append a copy of your scenegraph (.iv or .wrl file). If you are creating it directly in code you could use a SoWriteAction to output the scene to a file.


  2. Thomas Moeller

    Hi ptwaixingren,

    The example code in the SoShadowGroup class reference should produce shadows on the floor (something similar to this scene / result). If it doesn't then your graphics card might indeed be unsupported. The example works fine for me on NVIDIA and Intel chips.


  3. ptwaixingren reporter

    Thank you TheHubbit, I test as the scene file you told me. and produce shadows on the floor

  4. Roy Walmsley

    This issue was one of usage and not code change. With no further comments this issue is being closed with no further action.

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