Implement X3D to comply with ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013

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Issue #84 new
Roy Walmsley created an issue

The implementation of VRML97 was meant to be in accordance with ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997. I believe this was never fully implemented. However, there is now X3D and its current standard ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013. This is currently at version 3.3.

Making fully compliant code will involve multiple repositories. Obviously Coin is the first. It may also be necessary to incorporate SimVoleon.

Then I propose a major overhaul of SoWin (because I am familiar with it!) which could then be translated into repositories for other platforms.

Finally it will be necessary to present a complete viewer. Again, this will be initially for Windows but translatable for other platforms.

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