Coin / docs / README.VRML97

FIXME: this is just pederb's internal TODO-list at the moment. Should
be cleaned up to contain a proper list of status, missing features and
good-to-know stuff about Coin's VRML97 support. 20021108 mortene.


Investigate before release

- renderCaching++ fields in Transform should not be exported
  (do a setDefault(TRUE) on those fields in the first write pass)

- material handling when doing textures. It seems like RGB textures
  should overwrite the diffuse color entirely. This sounds weird though.

Not supported

- Bindable nodes (SoVRMLViewpoint is supported in So@Gui@)
- MovieTexture
- Collision
- Script (coming soon).
- NavigationInfo (should be handled by browser, bindable)
- EXTERNPROTO (only local files supported)

Needs more testing

- Anchor
- Billboard
- Inline
- NavigationInfo
- PointLight, SpotLight and DirectionalLight (should affect the entire group)
- ROUTE export
- PROTO export
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