Coin / docs / announcement-2_0_1.txt

From: "Lars J. Aas" <>
Subject: Coin 2.0.1 Released

Coin 2.0.1 Released

Systems in Motion is proud to release v2.0.1 of the Coin 3D graphics
library.  Coin 2.0.1 is a patchlevel release.  Patchlevel releases
contain mostly bugfixes, optimizations, documentation improvements,
and configure and build setup fixes.  This release does not extend the
library API beyond the previous release.

NEWS File Excerpt:

* bugfixes in
  - SoClipPlaneManip
  - SoPathSensor
  - the notification mechanism
  - ROUTE-connections in PROTOS
  - import code
* run-time binding of shared library symbols on Mac OS X, and HP-UX 10
* a few minor optimizations
* coin2.dsp file generation improvements
* improved support for building with gcc/g++ on Cygwin

See the ChangeLog file if you want the really gory details.

Download Information:

This message may be posted before some of the listed files are available.
In that case, try again at a later time.


Source Code by FTP:

Precompiled for Linux (i386):
  Debian (testing) apt-get:
    $ apt-get install libcoin40-dev

Precompiled for MS Windows:

Precompiled for Mac OS X:


  Lars J
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