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From: "Lars J. Aas" <>
Subject: Coin 2.4.0 Released

Coin 2.4.0 Released

Systems in Motion is proud to release v2.4.0 of the Coin 3D graphics
library.  Coin 2.4.0 is a minor release.  It extends the functionality of
previous versions of Coin 2.* in upward compatible ways.  It also fixes
bugs and problems found in releases 2.0.0 through 2.3.0, and includes
updates to the documentation.  The API and ABI of the library is slightly
extended, but not in any way that could conflict with older versions of
Coin 2.*.  This release was originally intended as a micro release (bugfix
release), but certain changes we had done to the API for optimization
purposes meant a minor release had to be released - the alternative was
to roll back those changes, which would most likely introduce bugs and
would mean a significant performance degradation.  You will therefore
not find much new functionality in this release - focus has been mostly
on bugfixes and some on optimization.

NEWS File Excerpt:

New in Coin v2.4.0 (2005-04-13):
* new features:
  - completely Cygwin-less build setup for MS Windows / Visual Studio:
    - Visual Studio 6 project file in build/msvc6/
    - Visual Studio .NET 2003 solution in build/msvc7/
  - some minor API additions for internal optimization purposes
* optimizations:
  - render traversal code improvements
  - file i/o
* bugfixes:
  - too many to mention; see ChangeLog

See the ChangeLog file if you want the really gory details.  See
the file RELNOTES on changes that might affect Coin usage.

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Source Code by FTP:

Precompiled for MS Windows:
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  change of status:

Precompiled for Mac OS X:
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  change of status:


  Lars J