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From: "Lars J. Aas" <>
Subject: Coin 2.4.6 Released

Coin 2.4.6 Released

Systems in Motion is proud to release v2.4.6 of the Coin 3D graphics
library.  Coin 2.4.6 is a patchlevel release.  Patchlevel releases contain
mostly bugfixes, optimizations, documentation improvements, and configure
and build setup fixes.  This release does not extend the library API beyond
the previous release.  This will be the very last 2.4 release before the
upcoming 2.5 release.

NEWS File Excerpt for 2.4.6:

New in Coin v2.4.6 (2007-04-03):
* new:
  - implemented SbViewVolume::getAlignRotation()
  - added support in SoToVRML2Action for SoUnits and SoVRMLTransform
* optimizations:
  - fixed pathlist traversals, affecting most notably rendering w/transparency
  - added lazy shapehints evaluation to VRML97 rendering
  - avoid probing glGetError() much (unless specified) since it kills
    performance in certain remote rendering situations
  - some optimizations in the reading of ascii vrml/iv files
* bugfixes:
  - SoVRMLBillboard axis-of-rotation bugfix
  - global field and SoUnknownNode I/O fixes
  - SbDPMatrix::multVecMatrix(SbVec4f) bugfix
  - implemented missing notification-filtering in SoSwitch/SoVRMLSwitch
  - plugged more memory leaks
  - set same default depth function as SGI Inventor
  - VRML97 TimeSensor bugfix
  - VRML97 Billboard bugfixes
  - SoGroup offpath traversal bugfix
  - fixed AMD64 warning issues
* other
  - many Visual Studio build files improvements
  - remove the Inventor/system/gl.h configure-run dependency

See the ChangeLog file if you want the really gory details.

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