Coin / docs / oiki-launch.txt

Subject: new Open Inventor resource launch

  Fellow Open Inventor Aficionados,

I'm writing this to announce the launch of a new Open Inventor web
resource.  The aim is to create an index and starting point for surfing
the Open Inventor resources on the web.  The hope is that this resource
will be for the Open Inventor community what e.g. CLiki[1] is for the
Common Lisp community.

The site is a Wiki authored web site.  It was therefore named OIki.
If it has to be an acronym (it has, hasn't it?), let's say it is
"Open Inventor knowledge index".  The name choice was done just to
get the pronounciation pun, but don't tell anyone...

Anyways, the main point is that editing is open for everyone.  Amazingly,
this seems to generally work fine (as in no abuse) for other open Wiki
sites out there, so I figured it should work fine for the Open Inventor
community too.

So without further ado, here comes the link...

It is quite comprehensive already, but I figure there are lots of links
yet to be added.  Give it a spin, and see how you can improve upon it.

  Lars J