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API documentation

The source code has been commented for auto-generation of class hierarchy documentation with Doxygen. The API documentation is available online:

Coin [4.x] [3.1.x] [3.0.x] [2.x] [1.x]
Quarter [1.x] [1.0]
SoQt [1.x]
SoWin [1.x]
SoXt [1.x]
Sc21 [1.x]
Simage [1.x]
Dime [0.9.x]
SmallChange [1.x]
SIM Voleon [2.x]

This documentation can be generated for offline reading by anyone who has the Coin3D source code and the Doxygen utility.

Platform specific documentation

Building the libraries from source

On Linux, Unix, and *BSD environments, the recommended way to install Coin3D and SIM Voleon is the CMake build system. The old Autoconf/Automake build system has been deprecated.

Tutorials and HowTos

Tutorials can be found in different subsections of this website. Here you can find a list of all:


Programming with Coin3D should be treated exactly like programming with Open Inventor, so all Open Inventor documentation that exists also applies to Coin3D.
Here is a list of books on programming with Open Inventor.