Welcome to Coin3D!

Coin3D is a high-level, retained-mode toolkit for effective 3D graphics development. It is API compatible with Open Inventor 2.1.

Coin3D is Free Software, published under the BSD 3-clause license.

BSD and bitbucket?? Coin3D used to be a commercial product, right?

From 1998 to 2011 Coin3D was developed and maintained by Systems in Motion (SIM), later renamed to Kongsberg SIM, later merged into the parent company Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies (Kongsberg). During this period Coin3D was available under a dual licensing scheme, offering the choice between GPL or a Professional Edition License. Mid-2011, Kongsberg decided to end Coin3D as a commercial product due to diminishing demand and changing business focus. As a service to the user community Kongsberg re-licensed Coin3D under the BSD 3-clause license.

This letter was sent to Professional Edition License holders and the mailing lists in November 2011.

The old web site www.coin3d.org has been shut down, and all requests are redirected to this page.

There is a mailing list on google groups. Also, the old coin3d.org mailing list is still active - to subscribe, go to the listinfo page (roll down to see the form). I do not know which of the two is the "official" forum - please edit this page if you have more information --AA.

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