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Open Inventor books

Programming with Coin3D should be treated exactly like programming with Open Inventor, so all Open Inventor documentation that exists also applies to Coin3D. Here is a list of books on programming with Open Inventor.

The Inventor Mentor

This book is an introductory book on programming with Open Inventor. It is the programmer's guide on using the functionality that already exists in Open Inventor for rendering and manipulating 3D graphics. (ISBN 0-201-62495-8)

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The Inventor Toolmaker

This book is for intermediate and expert Open Inventor programmers who want to extend the functionality of Open Inventor. It deals with topics like creating new classes of various types, and on overriding and extending existing class types. (ISBN 0-201-62493-1)

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The Open Inventor C++ Reference Manual

This book is a printout / compilation of all the manual pages for Open Inventor. It is out of print, but it might be possible to get a used copy. (ISBN 0-201-62491-5)

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