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Distributing an application based on Coin3D

Which files do you need to distribute?

  • bin/coin2.dll - the main Coin library
  • bin/sowin1.dll - the Win32 GUI library
  • bin/simage1.dll - for texture support
  • msvcrt.dll - the MS CRT runtime, usually found in %SystemRoot%\System32

You only need to distribute simage1.dll if your application uses textures. Coin looks for the simage1.dll at run-time, and will continue running (without texture support) if the dll isn't found.

Where do you install the files?

It is recommended that you install all the Coin3D dlls (coin2.dll, sowin1.dll, simage1.dll) in the same directory as your application executable, and not for instance in any of the system directories (i.e. %SystemRoot% or any of it's subdirectories). This is to make sure that your application uses the correct version of the dlls, in case there are other Coin3D dlls on the system. Windows will allways look in the directory from which the application loaded for dlls before looking elsewhere (current directory, system directories, PATH).

Licensing issues

Please read the licensing information for the Coin3D libraries.

Some good advice

Allways run your application through the "depends.exe" utility and verify that you are shipping all dlls that the application depends on (except the system dlls). The depends utility is a part of the VisualC++ toolset.